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E-LFT – A key technology for tomorrow’s world

In the search for processes that reconcile the apparent contradiction between stiffness, strength, long-term stability, weight and costs better than conventional materials, we decided to break free from the limitations of traditional thinking.

The outcome: our E-LFT process, which WEBER FIBERTECH has made fit for serial production during ten years of intensive research and development. In combination with organo sheets, UD tapes and continuous tailored fiber blanks based on glass or carbon, this process allows high-strength parts to be manufactured affordably. WEBER FIBERTECH has the capability to achieve weight reductions in the most diverse applications.

Albert Weber


Milestones of a fascinating success story

From the outset, WEBER FIBERTECH was convinced that lightweight design held enormous potential for the future. Against the background of ever-improving motor racing applications based on fiber composite technology and the almost total switch to fiber-reinforced plastics in the aviation industry, we developed a process that is fit for serial production and allows us to exploit the technological benefits cost-efficiently in high-volume manufacturing.


1996 – 2001

Development of a groundbreaking technology for fiber-reinforced plastics. Partnerships with various universities and institutes. Installation of the first demonstrators and patenting of the ELF-T process.

2002 – 2006

The installation of the first pilot plant confirms that the process is fit for serial production. The first parts are manufactured under real production conditions.


WEBER FIBERTECH opens an industrial-scale production facility in Markdorf. The first high-volume serial production order based on the ELT-F process is received.


Weber Fibertech is presented with the JEC Innovation Award 2008 in the "Automotive & Vehicles" category.

2007 – 2015

More serial production orders follow. Various patents are applied for. The hybrid technology is continuously optimized.


Development of cutting-edge applications such as battery trays for electric vehicles. Shell structure as a substitute for welded sheet metal structures.


Metal and plastic forming; the parts are joined together in a one-shot process. More serial production launches.


Quality is our first priority

Every new technology must strive to meet – and uphold – the high quality standards of the industry. “Development and manufacturing quality, detailed project planning and compliance with deadlines, coupled with the ongoing optimization of costs, are top priorities for us.” We see quality as a success factor that is crucial for our competitiveness and hence for safeguarding our company’s future.

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified enterprise, we want our customers to regard us as an innovative technology leader with a commitment to the very highest levels of quality. That’s why we encourage our employees to act independently, take the initiative and make qualified, responsible decisions. We endeavor to promote their skills and their quality awareness with a broad array of training and continuing professional development opportunities.

Friedbert Schmitt
Managing Director, WEBER FIBERTECH GmbH


Resource conservation and ecological responsibility

An intact local and national environment is deeply ingrained at Weber Fibertech. We want our environment to be preserved for future generations, which is why we regard it as our social responsibility to observe sustainable business practices, make long-term investments in environmental protection and energy efficiency, subject our processes to a thorough scrutiny and optimize them based on ecological criteria. To ensure that these principles are applied in our everyday work, we provide regular training to our employees to support the development, design and manufacture of eco-friendly products.



Working at Weber Fibertech

To enable us to meet our customers’ rigorous requirements for innovation, precision, perfection and quality, we rely on advanced manufacturing technology combined with a high level of automation and process reliability – and on our most important resource, namely qualified and motivated people!

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